The Lime Bomber is a one-of-a kind bar accessory that easily squeezes and shoots a wedge of citrus into a bottled beverage, such as a lime in beer. Choose your Lime Bomber from a variety of colors. Or get one of each!

You will see we have featured a number of other bar accessories that work well with the “bomber”  - a citrus slicer, bottle opener, and bottle coolie that make the process easy, fun, and refreshing from start to finish.

The Lime Bomber is fantastic for hostess and housewarming gifts, stocking stuffers, tailgating, bachelor/bachelorette parties, wedding receptions, caterers and bartending services, golf outings, customized for client gifts...well the list is endless.  Just add your imagination...and a lime.

The Lime Bomber It is a very sleek, sturdy plastic device that will last for years! Cheers!


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