481217_10151300744652666_15“We’ve had tons of fun with our bar customers slamming their lime into our lager beers.  It’s a real ice breaker and gets conversation going at our tiki hut bar.   We have our logo on the lime bombers and …we sell lots of ‘em!”

– Jack’s Shack

Porter's-081At Porter’s Island Thyme we love the Lime Bomber bar accessory. In fact we call it the “machine” and offer beers with or without the “machine.” The Island Thyme Lime Bomber makes the perfect gift or a memento of your vacation on Salt Cay in the Turks & Caicos. Want more information please visit our web site: or like us on Facebook.

-Porter’s Island Thyme

-Tony Tucci endorses Lime Bomber


“A friend of mine was bragging about this device she had at home on Cinco de Mayo .Naturally there was beer, and naturally it was Corona w/ Lime (and salt) and when I was squeezing the lime juice in before pushing the lime wedge through the bottle neck with my finger, she told me about this plunger beer accessory thing she had. I was jealous, so after she left I googled “plunge lime in beer” or something like that. There you were. I can’t wait to try my Lime Bomber out and then surprise my family members with their way-cool gift.”
-Kirsten from Waterford, MI

“A neighbor picked one up at a trade show. He brought it over to show my husband, knowing how much he loves Coronas with lime. It’s just the coolest thing ever! We had to get one for ourselves.”

-Sue from St. Louis

“A friend had the Lime Bomber bar accessory at a party this weekend. Everyone loved it! I pulled the email address off the product. I only wish I had thought of this first! Great stocking stuffer!”

-Tricia from Indiana

“I saw this in the Detroit paper. I ordered 3 bombers and you tried to convince me to buy a wedger at the time but I didn’t think I needed that big of gift. Now I think I need it to finish off the perfect bar accessory gift.”

-Katherine from Missouri

“I saw your product being used at a Mexican restaurant within Paramount’s Kings Island in Cincinnati, Ohio and had to have it!”

-James from Ohio

“Found out about it from Sellersville Theater in PA.
Great item!”

-Jamie from Philadelphia

“My daughter bought me one for Christmas. Now everyone wants one!”

-Mike from Indiana

“I want to commend you on my recent purchase of a green bar accessory Lime Bomber, green slicer, and the free Father’s Day bottle opener which is very cool. I ordered it last Sunday and it came here today which is Wednesday! I was so stoked! My wife and I had to try it right away. Of course we had to test it on a couple of Coronas! Awesome job! Its like having another toy! I was so impressed with the speed in shipping too. I was certain it was gonna take a couple of weeks but it didn’t. Thanx again! Cheers!”

-Jason Thomas from New York

“I have been a long time user of the Lime Bomber. Operating a bar it gets quite a lot of use. I just recently got another kind and it was no where near the quality of yours. Thank you, I enjoy your product. I get many compliments on it.”

-Grace from New York

“I’m a mechanical engineer. A dude gave me a Lime Bomber because he knows I am a Corona/limeology expert. I tested it, it works. I wouldn’t have designed it any differently. The tolerences are great.”

-Jody from Florida

“We actually purchased our original bombers at the Nightclub & Bar tradeshow in Las Vegas two years ago. They’ve been taken by customers so we’re going to try one more time and see what happens, if we only have one unit to keep track of. Our bartenders love this thing! Thank you.”

-Jim from Arkansas

“It’s very popular while tailgating for the Florida Gators in Gainesville, FL!”

-Karen from Florida
“Saw an article in our local newspaper about your product. My husband LOVES Corona and this product will make him happy and keep me from going blind!!!”
-Janell from Virginia

“I first saw the Lime Bomber in an article in the newspaper. I ordered one for my husband’s birthday last September. Everyone loves it! I am ordering two more – one as a gift and one to add to a Cinco de Mayo basket that will be auctioned for charity. No special instructions, other than I need it fast! Thanks.”

-Teresa from Virginia
“Saw it on The Channel 5 News and thought it was cool!”
-April from Illinois
“Found out about the Lime bomber at a friends’ house over the July 4th weekend and just had to have it, and the others I am ordering are for gifts. GREAT INVENTION!!!”
-Eric from Florida

“I got one at Snappers in Key Largo and all my friends loved it….these will make great gifts! Very unique and useful item!!! THANKS!

-Sharon from Missouri

“I read about the Lime Bomber in the House & Home section of the Kansas City Star. I am buying one for our household and am buying extras to give to our friends who I know love to add citrus flavor to their beers. What a fabulous idea!”

-Jami from Kansas City

“My friend ordered one and loves it. Also my wife only will drink a bottled beer with a lime in it and I’m tired of getting lime in my eye! Thanks for solving my problem!”

-David from New Hampshire
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