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How the Lime Bomber was created

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Lime Bomber is a one of a kind bar accessory that was invented by Brian Hill so that a lime wedge could be easily squeezed and placed into a bottle of beer.  “No squirting or fingers in my beer – just fresh lime!”  “The idea was for the Lime Bomber™ to be functional and appealing, improving upon a consumer trend and experience in the process,” notes Hill.

“The public is so used to either having someone put the lime in for them by hand, or doing it themselves. This is sanitary, and more effectively squeezes the juice…I’ve actually found myself in the business of promoting change.” And with a reliable, innovative product, Hill has found the roots for success. Of the many thousands of Lime Bombers™ he’s sold, not one has been returned and the business continues to grow.  “Someday, they’ll be a staple at every home bar and restaurant. It is also a great promotional and branding item.

We have clients and customers around the world, and the trend of beer with fresh citrus and a focus on “the beer drinking experience” continues to grow. It is a fun, lively way to revitalize a classic beverage!

Be it a lime, lemon or orange wedge in beer, hard cider, or water – at home or at a bar, beach, or tailgating…the Lime Bomber is always a hit!!

“Lock in the Lime!”


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